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Education programs a.y. 2016-2017

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Last year the education program has proved to be a big success:

  • 2787 students joined laboratories and guided visits
  • 7.824 students within the audience of operas, resulting in a 38% increase of the medium presence to shows

The Fondazione Donizetti is particularly fond of the great music of the past, and of Gaetano Donizetti, our fellow citizen. We want the younger citizens to get to know the talent of someone who was as young as they are and was faced with great difficulties. Yet he managed to build his future and, thanks to schooling in his city, discovered and made the most of his talent.

This year as well, the education program proposed by the Fondazione Donizetti is going to include didactic and educational activities about lyric opera, linked to the works by Gaetano Donizetti in program for Lyric Season 2016. The project, which includes a wide range of activities according to age and type of intervention, is meant to cooperate as much as possible with the curricular activities in schools, in order to integrate a deeper knowledge of music, theatre and their interaction with the subjects studied in class. Classical music and opera theatre are the background of our forefather’s history and enable us to gain a better understanding of the mechanisms of society.

Help us reach an always newer public, to whom provide, together with you, the tools to get closer and better understand a rich and complex form of art, and to get in touch with the professionals of theatre in music.

Our hope is that this articulated offer will arouse interest and enthusiasm in boys and girls, teachers and principals.

Nadia Ghisalberti
Assessor of Culture,
Expo and Tourism

Loredana Poli
Assessor  of Instruction,
Formation and University

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