Historic residences

Palazzo Agliardi

Historic residences
24121 Bergamo (BG), Via Pignolo, 86
Palazzo Agliardi, originally named Martinengo Colleoni, stands at No. 86 of the street Via Pignolo, in one of the suburbs of Bergamo where important noble families and merchants of the 16th century chose to build their stately homes. On...

Villa Grismondi Finardi

Historic residences
Via Volturno 11A-23, 24124 Bergamo (BG)
Located near to the centre of Bergamo, Villa Grismondi Finardi started life as a country house and owes its current name to the noble Grismondi families who lived here in the 18th century, and to the Finardi families, who owned it from...

Palazzo Terzi

Historic residences
Palazzo Terzi - Piazza Terzi, 2, Bergamo
Situated on the western spur of the hill of Upper Bergamo, Palazzo Terzi dominates the homonymous square near to the imposing building of the Liceo Classico high school. The building, of sixteenth-century origin, underwent important...

Palazzo Moroni

Historic residences
Via porta dipinta, 12, Bergamo
At No. 12 in the street of Via Porta Dipinta is the entrance portal to the stately Palazzo Moroni, one of the greatest expressions of seventeenth-century architecture in Bergamo. The residence’s sober facade, just like its courtyard...