Bottega Donizetti

Fondazione Teatro Donizetti

Bottega Donizetti

directed by Alex Esposito

(Bergamo, 20 August-2 September and 19 Ocrtober-19 November 2022)

Applications are now closed

Suitable candidate

Role: Madama Gilda Talemanni – soprano

   Gheorghisor Adriana

   Intagliata Sara

   Kokareva Mariia

   Licostini Vittoria

   Mazzola Giulia

   Mizuno Yuki

   Otahara Yo

   Petrova Anastasiia

   Pinna Elena Maria

   Pogrebnyak Yuliya

   Purnell Melissa Ann

   Robert Leonor

   Ruta Marilena

   Saavedra Javiera

   Sunada Airi

   Tortorelli Maria

   Tragni Martina

Role: Il Marchese Enrico – tenore

   Benlodi Riccardo

   D’aloia Pierluigi

   Mandrillo Antonio

   Martelli Lorenzo

Role: Il Marchese Pippetto – tenore

   Doto Francesco Domenico

   Lucii Francesco

Role: Leonarda – mezzosoprano

   Dellaere Caterina

   Markova Dominika

Role: Simone – basso-baritono

   Starovoitov Alan

   Bossi Francesco

   Dazzini Guido

   Degiacomi Eugenio Maria

   Ejiugwo Alessio Fortune

   Liberali Lorenzo

   Torcaso Matteo

   Valsecchi Gabriele

   Zhang Shuai

The selection procedure will take place on June 12th 2022.

The Bottega addresses the vocal and dramaturgical issues related to Donizetti’s operatic production. Only admitted candidates can attend the course. Attendance is free of charge and limited in number.

The course will be held in the premises of Fondazione Teatro Donizetti in Bergamo (Donizetti’s Birthplace, Teatro Sociale).

Selected singers will be offered the opportunity to consolidate and further improve, under the guidance of Esposito and other international artists, the various vocal, musical and dramaturgical aspects of the repertoire of the bel canto and of Donizetti in particular.

The admitted students of the Bottega will take part in the new production of L’aio nell’imbarazzo (The Embarrassed Tutor), which is part of the 2022 programme the Donizetti Opera Festival.

Admitted candidates will receive a scholarship of 2,000 euros each to cover travel, board and lodging expenses, thanks to the support of the Rotary Clubs Bergamaschi. They will also be offered further contracts for projects related to the Donizetti Opera Festival, with appropriate remuneration according to the commitment required.

The selection procedure of the masterclass will be divided in two phases.

Applications are now closed