LU OpeRave

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Clubbing + Opera + Performance
Creative director Stefano Libertini Protopapa
Libretto by Maniaci d’Amore (Francesco d’Amore e Luciana Maniaci)
Music by H.E.R., ilromantico
Music consultant Alberto Zanardi

First performance: Bergamo, Balzer Globe, 16 November 2023

The festival will start 14 november with the creation LU OpeRave (then 21 and 29 november) in which Donizetti’s music meets electronics and new trends. The title recalls Donizetti’s most famous opera, Lucia di Lammermoor, from which the authors of this experimental project drew inspiration. The show will take place in an unconventional city location, with space for conviviality and the audience as an integral part of the performance. LU OpeRave stems from Mixopera vol. 1 and vol. 2, the electronic music EPs inspired by Donizetti’s music with the participation of a number of musicians gathered around the Fluidostudio label and released on all streaming platforms (Spotify, iTunes, Amazon Music, YouTube Music). Among the artists involved in this creation are some of the performers featured on the EPs such as ProtopapailromanticoH.E.R. The libretto is by Maniaci d’amore. As director and choreographer, Mattia Agatiello, who brings his Fattoria Vittadini to the stage.


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Gaetano Donizetti encountered incredible public favour in Paris. Paris was a city that gave him many things, it made him realise that dance music was a source of a pleasure never experienced before by large theatre audiences.
He therefore realised that, by adding those beats and that sonorous fever to the singing, he could create a truly explosive recipe.
As is the case with our gastronomic tradition, there are ancient recipes that stand the test of time.
We believe the time has come to put this Donizettian recipe into practice: as always, tell a story by making it theatrical, give the words the power of singing and accompany this singing with dance music.
The meeting places of the world’s youth are the clubs, where the popular music genre of our time pulses: electronic music.
Opera and electronic music. This has become our pet project, and we believe Lucia di Lammermoor – the great immortal story on the tragic condition of youth – is the ideal epic for today’s DJs to reinterpret.

November - 2024


Time and Date:
14 November 2024Off subscriptionH 20:00
21 November 2024 Off subscriptionH 20:00
29 November 2024 Off subscriptionH 20:00
Cost: €14 - €25


Luogo misterioso


Director and choreographerMattia Agatiello
Scenes and costumes Andrea Cammarosano e Leonardo Persico

LU David Blank
Coscienza di LU M¥SS KETA (narrating voice)
Lucia Laura Ulloa
Donna H.E.R. (violin)
Dj ilromantico
Dancers Fattoria Vittadini

Creation by Fondazione Teatro Donizetti, in collaboration with Fattoria Vittadini inspired by the opera Lucia di Lammermoor