Palazzo Terzi

Palazzo Terzi

Palazzo Terzi - Piazza Terzi, 2, Bergamo

Situated on the western spur of the hill of Upper Bergamo, Palazzo Terzi dominates the homonymous square near to the imposing building of the Liceo Classico high school. The building, of sixteenth-century origin, underwent important extensions and modifications in the two following centuries that highlight both the façade and the panoramic view towards the plain, both the subject of recent restoration. The reception hall, with its monumental fireplace, the hall of mirrors, and a series of rooms frescoed by Barbelli, and furnished with sober elegance by Storere and Tencallae, make the residence a place where time truly seems to have stopped in its tracks.

Palazzo Terzi
Piazza Terzi, 2
24129 Bergamo (BG)

Visit of the residence (groups of min. 15 to max. 25 people): 1 residence 12€ each, 2 residences 20€ each
Visit of the residence (groups less than 15 people): 1 residence total 180€, 2 residences total 300€
Visit with aperitif (light): 15€ each
Visita with buffet lunch or dinner: 35€ each
Visita with sit-down lunch or dinner: 60€ each

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