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    Villa Grismondi Finardi

    Via Volturno 11A-23, 24124 Bergamo (BG)

    Located near to the centre of Bergamo, Villa Grismondi Finardi started life as a country house and owes its current name to the noble Grismondi families who lived here in the 18th century, and to the Finardi families, who owned it from the mid-1800s. Between 1855 and 1858, the architect Giacomo Bianconi worked on the restoration that determines its current appearance, with sober exteriors and lavishly decorated interiors, as well as designing the large nineteenth-century English garden, fenced in during the next century following the emergence of the ‘Quartiere Finardi’ district.

    Villa Grismondi Finardi
    Via Volturno 11A-23
    24124 Bergamo (BG)

    Visit of the residence (groups of min. 15 to max. 25 people): 1 residence 12€ each, 2 residences 20€ each
    Visit of the residence (groups less than 15 people): 1 residence total 180€, 2 residences total 300€
    Visit with apetitif (light): 15€ each
    Visita with buffet lunch or dinner: 35€ each
    Visit with sit-down lunch or dinner: 60€ each

    Alessandra D’Amico Finardi Mirandola
    Tel: +39 328 6879767
    E-mail: grismondi.finardi@tiscali.it