A record year comes to an end

2018’s Donizetti Opera Festival, together with all the activities related to Bergamo-born composer organized by the Fondazione Teatro Donizetti, under the artistic direction of Francesco Micheli and the musical direction of Riccardo Frizza, came to an end with a significant increase in audience figures, particularly from foreign visitors, and in critical acclaim, reconfirming the successful development of local community projects and engagement.

In 2018, festival attendance was up 30.1% (from 6,524 people in 2017 to 8,491).

Donizetti Opera: various appointments in the city’s symbolic places during the second week

On occasion of the 70th birthday of Paolo Fabbri, the Scientific Director of the Fondazione Teatro Donizetti, a book dedicated to him, ‘Musica di ieri, esperienza d’oggi’ (Yesteryear’s music, today’s experience), will  be presented in the company of friends and colleagues.

As part of the fourth edition of the Donizetti Opera Festival, a surprise appointment, on Saturday 1st December at 5pm, in the ‘Ashbrook Hall’ of ‘Casa Natale’, or Donizetti’s birthplace,

Donizetti Opera: packed schedule for the last weekend of the festival

Back on stage, two Donizetti rarities: Enrico di Borgogna and Il Castello di Kenilworth

Saturday 1st December: four events in three different places in the city

Two concerts at Palazzo Moroni by the Soloists of the Academy Montis Regalis

The final stretch of the Donizetti Opera Festival is here with a weekend of eight different events. Once again, the days around the anniversary of Donizetti’s provide the celebratory occasion to bring the music of Bergamo’s most famous citizen to the city’s symbolic places.

29th november: great celebrations for the anniversary of the composer’s birth

Not to be missed is Haydn’s ‘La Creazione’ (The Creation), in Italian, in the Basilica of Santa Maria Maggiore, with an unprecedented setting by Francesco Micheli;

Plus the ‘Enrico Young’ programme and concert by Mariella Devia.

The anniversary of Donzetti’s birth is the celebratory occasion around which the Donizetti Opera Festival is organized under the direction of Francesco Micheli. Its first week has seen major successes,

“Mariella Devia for Gaetano Donizetti”: the homage of the soprano to the composer

Dedicated to the three Tudor queens, the concert programme is directed by Giuseppe Sabbatini.

At the end of the show, the public will be offered candied chestnuts by Italcanditi, a local company that has joined the project ‘Ambasciatori di Donizetti’ (Ambassadors of Donizetti).

Bergamo, Teatro Sociale, Wednesday 28th November, 8.30pm

The Donizetti Opera Festival enters the heart of the programme with high expectations for the now traditional vocal concert at the Teatro Sociale,

Paolo Fabbri Fabrizio Donadoni

“Dante da camera” and the second recital of “Enrico di Borgogna” close the first weekend

At Donizetti’s birthplace, ‘Casa Natale’, at 11am, a staging of the chamber opera with Paolo Fabbri, Maurizio Donadoni and Bruno Taddia

Sunday 25th November, the 200 year-old opera back at the Teatro Sociale

The festival day begins on Sunday 25th November at 11am at Donizetti’s birthplace in Borgo Canale, declared a national monument in 1926, with a staging of ‘Dante da Camera: Inferno in Salotto’ (Chamber Dante: Inferno in the Salon).

Il castello di Kenilworth

“Il castello di Kenilworth”: a confrontation of Queens at the Teatro Sociale

The musical director Riccardo Frizza directs the belcanto divas Jessica Pratt and Carmela Remigio

Bergamo, Teatro Sociale, Saturday 24th November, 8.30pm

After the operatic debut of Enrico di Borgogna for the project #donizetti200, the second title of the programme of the fourth edition of the International Donizetti Opera Festival will be Il Castello di Kenilworth (Kenilworth Castle),

Enrico di Borgogna Donizetti 2018 foto Rota GFR_5113

“Enrico di Borgogna”: the 200 year-old opera at the Teatro Sociale

As part of the #donizetti200 project, the title will star Anna Bonitatibus, Sonia Ganassi, Levy Sekgapane and Luca Tittoto, with Alessandro De Marchi on the podium for Academia Montis Regalis.

Bergamo, Teatro Sociale, Friday 22nd November, 8.30pm

Enrico di Borgogna is the first opera to be staged in the fourth edition of Bergamo’s International Donizetti Opera Festival. For this new performance, at the Teatro Sociale,

Gala inaugurale - Daniela Barcellona - Riccardo Frizza - Jessica Pratt

Donizetti Opera: starting on 22nd November with the Inaugural Gala

The Donizetti Opera Festival raises the curtain with its Inaugural Gala starring the belcanto divas Daniela Barcellona and Jessica Pratt
On the podium, the musical director Riccardo Frizza

The concert with the RAI National Orchestra is dedicated to Donizetti and Rossini
Bergamo, Teatro Sociale, Thursday 22nd November, 8.30pm

Up go the lights for the fourth edition of the International Donizetti Opera Festival 2018, which, prepared by the artistic director Francesco Micheli,